Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Final Essay Breakdown

Below you will find a short breakdown of the final term paper. Think of this outline as a set of loose morphological cues, not a series of adjoined prison cells for "holding" your ideas. By approaching the final essay in terms of its constitutive parts, the process of writing it will feel less onerous and more manageable. However, don't lose sight of the essay as a whole --to this end, remember to explain how the various parts fit into the larger structure of your argument.   

Introduction               1 page (260 words)
Literature Review*    2 pages (700 words)
Historical Context      2 pages (450 words)
Findings                     7-10 pages (2,000+ words)
Discussion                  3 pages (1,000 words)
Total                           15-20 pages

* The literature review section must engage with scholarly work either written by anthropologists or some other adjacent discipline in the humanities or social sciences. If for whatever reason you're having a difficult time locating appropriate texts, please email me for help.

I am happy to provide feedback on any draft versions of your final paper. I will have extended office hours next week and during study week. Don't be afraid to ask for help.

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