Thursday, November 6, 2014

Week 12 & 13. Hyperobjects [Hw]

Your homework and in class exercise over the next two weeks entails three inter-related tasks. 

Part I

Create something that unpacks the philosophical positions presented in your assigned chapter. This might take any number of forms. For example, you might produce a series of images, construct a complex chart or table, curate a gallery of gifs, create a short video, or invent a game. The only requirement is that your creation earnestly engages with the text and invites active contemplation beyond it. In this way, your goal is to create a kind of companion piece to the chapter. This will ultimately end up on the course website. 

Part II

Unveil and present your creation and the chapter to the class. 

Part III

Lead class discussion. 


Below you will find the chapter and team assignments. I have also included everyone's netIDs. Plan on getting together in person.  

As you read the chapter and begin to envision some way to imaginatively unpack it, if you encounter a reference or idea you don't "get" then figure out a way to get it. Don't preemptively excuse yourself from understanding. 

Your education will always be your responsibility. 

Also, don't forget, you have access to a digital archive of nearly every academic journal ever published, vast troves of visual media, and roughly 8 million printed books. 

Feel free to email me if you have any further questions. 


Lucas (lvw24) / Sam (sm959)

- Nonlocality 
Erika (ena7) / Jeanette (jp644) 


- Temporal Undulation 
Scott (sk963) / Christina (cmy43)

- Phasing 
Karalyn (knp25) /  Kevin (kg339)


- Interobjectivity
JT (jt95) / Brendan (bd287)

- The End of the World
Melody (mjs585) / Justin (jhg776) / Ryan (rs257)


- Hypocrisies 
Su (ssc269) / Albert (ajc423) 

- The Age of Asymmetry 
Ibrahym (ias38) / Brian (bly22) / Jeff (jsd252)

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