Monday, December 1, 2014


The Ceataceocene is an informal geological term for the proposed epoch that began when whale activities had a significant global impact on Earth's ecosystems. 

Etymology:  modern Latin, <  cētus , < Greek κῆτος whale; see -acea suffix.

  With pl. concord. The order of marine Mammalia containing the whales and their congeners.

1830    C. Lyell Princ. Geol. I. 151   The bones of whales and other cetacea.
1833    C. Bell Hand (ed. 3) 110   In the Cetacea..we have mammalia unprovided with hind feet.
1865    P. H. Gosse Land & Sea (1874) 168   [Foraminifers and Diatoms] constitute the principal sustenance of the giant Cetacea.

Source: OED 20014

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