Thursday, September 11, 2014

Week 4. Worlding the Anthropocene [Hw]

 Marina Zurkow, The Poster Children (2007)

This week your homework has two parts:

1. Select one quotation from each of the assigned readings and provide an explanation of why you think this quotation is important for understanding the reading. It's worth noting that the achievement of understanding is not necessarily the same as having a grasp of a text's central argument. There's more to the art of quoting than the obvious efficiency of reproducing another person's argument on the terrain of your paper. Instead, this week I want you to look for quotations that index some inner paradox or tension. Alternatively, you might choose quotations that speak to how the author uses imagery, texture and other sensory details to ground their position, or to generate a particular affect in the reader. As always, try to make the quotations bend back upon earlier readings and discussion.

2. Select at least one term and look it up. This should be done using the library portal system. In your homework post, write and report back to the class your new understanding of that term or concept. 

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