Thursday, August 28, 2014

Week 2. Humans of Climate Change [Hw]

Do you agree that 'human engineering' --what Liao, Sandberg, and Roache define as, "the biomedical modification of humans to make them better at mitigating climate change"(p.207)-- is a strategy that needs to be taken seriously? 

i. Begin your 'Comment' with a concise summary of the authors' general argument and claims in support of human engineering. If you agree, explain why. If you disagree, explain why. Either way, ground your evaluation in specific points of the text that you find especially persuasive, or alternatively, troubling. 

ii. Try, as the authors' suggest, to come up with your own example (or counter-example) to think through. What does such an example add to the discussion?


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Homework Directions:(reproduced from syllabus)

Each week’s readings will be guided by an exercise that will be posted on the course website. Each week, you will submit both the completed assignment in the “Comments” section of the online post, and reply to a peer’s comment. Your original posting will be due on Tuesday before class (i.e. before 8:40 AM), and your replies to your peers will be due Thursday at the same time. Homework submissions will thus follow a regular ebb and flow.

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